Hello! I’m Rev. Mary Jane Button-Harrison. I’m a local Christian pastor with a passion for creating welcoming, connectional, healthy, safe, caring, compassionate, and justice-seeking communities of faith. I love it when boxes don’t fit, and when stereotypes are shattered. I rejoice when two people who are very different from one another find common ground and deepen their connections to each other. I enjoy putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 8!

Recently the church I serve – Ames, IA First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was awarded a Lily Foundation Clergy Renewal Grant. The theme of the Clergy Renewal is: Belonging, Boundaries, Balance. When, as a matter of faith and commitment, we open wide our heart and our doors allowing ourselves to belong to one another, something happens. We begin to see the world differently, we encounter all sorts of people and situations, and we need better boundaries so that you can find balance to sustain you for the long hall.

Here I will post my reflections on Belonging, Boundaries, Balance while I am on my Clergy Renewal leave. Here I will post pictures from my travels. And here I hope to point the way to some bridges that will help us get across the divides that sometimes separate us.

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